Since electric transport devices are starting to gain a bit of a hype here in New zealand. We thought It was about time that there was a bit more information regarding the electric skateboarding side of the electronic wave we are all chasing. 

What Type Of Electric Skateboarder Are you

When it comes to electric skateboards Well there are three main genres that will help you make the decision on where to start out.
“The New Bee”
Are you someone that knows nothing about skateboarding in the first place
“The rider”
Are you in it to ride
“The builder”
Are you in it to build a ride

In the end we’re all riding and it’s simply because we all like to ride over building here at We will start this breakdown with a rider’s point of view over the builder’s. But bear with us and eventually we’ll get to a builders breakdown.

The Rider

The Rider is someone that is more interested in riding an electric skateboard over maintaining their build of an electric skateboard.

Now We are not saying that you don’t have to maintain your electric skateboard like you’d maintain a normal skateboard, and if you don’t know how to do that then sorry you’re Actually a “New Bee” and should start here
…How to maintain your esk8…

 Now if you’re someone that knows how to maintain a normal skateboard and if you just want something to ride with some sort of customer service, In case you break it and need it fixed. 
Well here In New Zealand we don’t really have much choice on what we can ride which provides a service center in our country . Don’t get Us wrong, there are a lot of electric skateboards on the global market. So many that we can’t name them all.. But not many of them provide us with service. Even some of the more expensive rides refuse service here. So in other words, If you break it in the first week it’s probably going to cost you to fix it..

With that said It’s simple to find out the selection of suppliers in New zealand supplying electric skateboards with some sort of services.
You only have to google “electric skateboards sold in new zealand” to see the choice.
But what we can say is, A lot of them are just third  party importer’s bulk buying and parallel importing. So in the end we question how good and what their service might be. Now we are not trying to bag on these suppliers but when it comes to it. We have had our experiences with new zealand bought parallel importers and can simply say. If you want an electric skateboard that you can ride like a skateboard and you don’t have to worry about it except for your general skateboard maintenance. Then there Is only one brand you should look into and that is evolve skateboards. The reason being that evolve has set up their own distribution and service center within New zealand and have been in the electric skate board game for over 10 years now.

The Builder

The builder Is someone with more interest in creating their own electric skateboard from scratch. It doesn’t mean that they are not as interested in the ride like “The Rider”. It’s that they probably have some sort of experience with electronics or have been riding electric skateboards for a while now and want to build a custom built electric skateboard to suit what they want.

Get yourself some Esk8 clothing

The NewBee

Well for the new bee. You really know if you’re a new bee or not. You don’t really need us to tell you why you’re a new bee. What you need from us is a place you can start to find all the information that might help you in your choice on deciding if electric skateboarding is your thing

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