Builds your own board.

If you are someone that is really interested in building their own electric skateboard. The best place for you to start is with an overwhelming amount of excellent information provided by There you will find everything you need to start building your perfect setup.   

Custom skateboard lighting.

Custom esk8 lighting..

So not long ago one of us here at created a lighting system using a gyro sensor connected to a microcontroller and some LEDs. Which reacted and change the light color to the side you are carving..

You can check out more about the project here..


Electric skateboard lighting builds.

Basic build example’s

We are stoked to be able to provide a few simple walkthroughs on how to create different types of micro-controlled LED lighting systems for your electric skateboard

The aim is to break down a few different examples and explain the code behind them. All of the examples start with a simple access point to connect to and control a couple of LED lighting strips from a webpage. 

What you will need as base components of this lighting system to start with. Are esp8266 preferably the D1 mini model, two LED strips, and depending on the walkthrough a couple of other components. 

Meet The Teacher

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“If I can do it there’s no excuse for why you cant”

” If you get stuck just ask, it’s how I learned”

duel LED strip access point

A duel LED strip access point with a webpage that has basic settings like. Brightness, color changer, and a couple of patterns.

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