The reviews here are based on a rider’s opinion. They all come from someone who has owned and ridden the electric skateboard for a good distance. 

 NONE of the electric skateboards here are sent to us for FREE as demo boards. So in other words these reviews are only our personal opinions and are only here to help you in your decision in choosing what’s best suited to your needs. 

Now that We’ve got that out of the way. We thought the best place to start these reviews is with the electric skateboard company that’s owning the New Zealand and maybe even the world market.

Evolve Skateboards 

Skateboard Rider's Review

The reason we say “Evolve is owning it” is simple really. It’s the only electric skateboard company out there, trying to set up distribution and service centers in as many countries as they can. As well as that, they cater to all forms of rider. From all-terrain wheel setups to little street rockets. 

rider with evolve skateboards

Evolve Skateboard Rider's Review

Evolve skateboard review form a Street riders perspective 

In this review, we will be talking about two different boards. The  GTR bamboo and Stoke. Both of them are set up for street riding on various types of urethane skateboard wheels. 

The rider comes from a short kicktail deck background with a weight and height roughly around 70kg and 170 high. He has been riding the GTR for around a year and recently obtained a Stoke.  

Now for maintenance, the rider has kept it to a minimum with only checking bolts to tighten them as well as a wheel rotation and cleaning the bearings around every 500km  traveled. 

Quote from the rider

I thought the GTR was an awesomely fun ride, which it is. But the stoke, coming from a short deck background is so amazingly awesome. The nimbleness of the shorter wheelbase and having a kicktail again, it’s just absolutely incredibly awesome. 

Esk8 Clothing

So here’s another electric skateboard you can buy within new Zealand.

 Originally an alpha from a supplier called The inbuilt hub wheel system has been refitted to an awesome retro remake Santa Cruz deck.

  This setup was picked up second hand for a good price because the seller was to scared to ride it after the refit.

  The rider is around 75kg and 170 high, he comes from a short deck hill bombing and snowboarding background. He has own this setup for around 7 months and basically done no maintenance except duct tape up his speed control and battery casing.

electric skateboard refit

Quote from the rider

Basically I ended up with this deck cheap second hand. It was In good condition till I got it and started bombing hills on it. Its been fun for the summertime but I think its time to rack it for the snow season which is about to start for me.

More to come

As we chase down other riders we will bring more reviews of other electric skateboards obtainable within New Zealand

Help With a Review

If you’re New Zealand based and have been riding an electric skateboard which you’d like to help in sharing a review for please send us a message.

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