How to maintain your electric skateboard 

Depending on what you chose to ride the maintenance will vary. From someone who has built their own ride and knows when it needs a service. To cheap parallel imports that you should check over every time before you ride. 

What we try to explain is a good set of principles of practise to apply 

3 Simple rules of Skateboard maintenance

With all skateboards regardless of whether it has motors or not. These 3 simple rules will help you get a longer life out of whatever you choose to ride. 


When it comes to your first ride on any deck that you haven’t put it together. Checking the tightness of the nuts, bolts and bushes is a must. The last thing you want is for something to rattle free or to getting the wobbles because your trucks are too loose.

Once you have your deck set to how you like it. The general maintenance really comes down to two things. How much you trust what you are riding and what is the condition of riding you are doing. 

What we mean by that is if you’re riding your electric skateboard like your grandma drives her car then you probably won’t need to do much to maintain your board. Where if you’re smashing your electric skateboard down some off road mountain bike track. Then you probably want to check things out ever time you take your ride out.

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