Custom electric skateboard lighting

Esk8 Dual LED strip access point

Electric skateboard dual Led strip with webpage controls

esk8 lighting

Here is a simple little electric skateboard dual Led strip with webpage controls for you to have a go at building yourself. to add some custom bling for when your racing around at night.

Once turned on all you have to do is connect to the wireless access point this device creates. Then through any web browser type the I.P address

to get to the control page 

Whats needed

Getting sett up to code

Getting set up to code one of these microcontrollers can seem very overwhelming. But don’t let that stop you giving it a go and if your douting yourself Don’t, just say to yourself.

” If the person writing this can do it so can I”

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, Here is all the information you’ll need to know. To set up your PC with the Arduino IDE for coding the d1 mini. 

First download and install the Arduino IDE:

Then download extract and install the CH340 Drivers:…

Then open the IDE, go to File – Preferences and under the box marked “Additional Board Manager URLs” paste the .json link found here:…

Or copy and paste below

Because we are playing With WS2812/WS2812B LED we also need to install what is called a library into the Arduino IDE.  Basically a library is just a folder of pre-written code installed in the right place for Arduino IDE. It is a very simple task to add the needed library we are looking for.

In this video you will find an easy to follow explanation on how to install the correct library we are looking for.


Head to the toolbar at the top of the Arduino IDE and click

Sketch > Include library > Manage libraries

and search for 

” Adafruit_NeoPixel “

and click install

Now that you have the Arduino IDE up and running and ready to go 

Open it in the Arduino IDE and follow along to get a better understanding of the code so you can edit it easily to your own personal setting.
just flash it as is to the D1 mini

remember to select the right flash settings

Breaking down the code

#ifndef APSSID
#define APSSID “Esk8 Lighting”
#define APPSK “Esk8n4Say10”

If you want to change the name and password of the access point the “APSSID” is the name and the “APPSK” is the password which can be found starting at line 7

If you want to change the number of LEDs in each strip what you need to edit is on line 15. But we wouldn’t recommend going more than 30 LED per strip. Simply because we are power the LED directly from the D1 mini.

#define LED_COUNT1 15
#define LED_COUNT2 15

 setColor1 = 225;
setColor2 = 225;
setColor3 = 225;

If you want to change the start color in the code starting at line 266 you will find “setColor1, setColor2, setColor3”. 

Change the values to suit what color you want the LED to start on

If you want to change the name shown by the “MDNS” setting it can be found at line 271. The MDNS makes it easy to access the webpage controls on apps like Bonjour Browser.  

 MDNS.begin(“Esk8 lighting”); 
MDNS.addService(“http”, “tcp”, 80);

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